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Pfaff Needles

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Pfaff Twin Needle 2.5/80


100 package embroidery needles 90


Asst Denim Needles


Asst Embroidery Needles - 5 pack


Ball Point 90/14 Pfaff


Denim Needle size 110 Pfaff


Denim Needles size 100 Pfaff


Denim Needles size 90 Pfaff


Information Booklet Pfaff Needles


Microtex 90 Pfaff Needles


Microtex Needles size 80 Pfaff


Pfaff Ballpoint 80


Pfaff Denim Needles 79


Pfaff Denim Needles 80


Pfaff embroidery Needle size 80


Pfaff Embroidery Needles size 90


Pfaff Embroidery Titanium size 80


Pfaff leather Needle size 90


Pfaff Overlock size 80


Pfaff Overslok Needles size 90


Pfaff Quilting Needles Assorted


Pfaff Sewing machine needles quilting titanium 80


Pfaff Stretch Needles Siz80


Pfaff Titanium 134R size 100/16


Pfaff Titanium Embroidery Needle size 90


Pfaff Topstitch Needles size 90


Pfaff Topstitch Needles size 90


Pfaff Universal Assorted Needles - 5 pack


Pfaff universal Needles Assorted


Pfaff Universal Needles size 80


Pfaff Universal Needles Size 90


Pfaff Universal Needles size 90m - 10 pkg


Pfaff Wing Needle size 100/16


Quilting Needles siz 80 - 100 pack


Quilting size 80 - 5 pack


Quilting size 90


Stretch Needles size 90 Pfaff


Top Stitch 90 - 5 pack




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